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Joshim Kakegamic 1952-1993
acrylic on Kraft paper
23 X 35 inches
33 X 45 inches w/ frame
Excellent condition 
gallery framed

Shipping: Pick up only.

Joshim Kakegamic was born at the Sandy Lake Reserve, Northern Ontario in 1952. As a young artist he was very much influenced by his brother-in-law, Norval Morrisseau and fellow Cree artist, Carl Ray. He even joined Carl and Norval on a series of workshops in schools across the province. Not long after he became a full time artist and his first group showing was in North Bay in 1971.

During the 1970’s and 80’s Josh had many exhibitions throughout Canada and even took part in group exhibitions in London, England and Lahr, Germany.

Along with two of his brothers, Josh was also an innovator in the field of Indian print making. They established the Triple K press at Red Lake in 1973 and became the first company to reproduce prints of famous native paintings including those of Norval Morriseau.

Tragically, in 1993, whilst attempting to save a drowning person’s life, Josh himself drowned at the age of 41.